Raw Cacao Chia Pudding Recipe

Raw Cacao Chia Pudding Recipe

Recipe from: Charlene Bollinger

This quick and easy raw dessert not only tastes delicious, it also makes a healthy replacement for processed, sugary snacks and treats.

You’ve likely heard or read reports that chocolate is “good for you” and can make you feel happy. Cacao (the key ingredient in chocolate) is well known for its ability to stimulate the release of happy neurotransmitters such as dopamine in your brain.

Raw cacao also happens to be one of the most completely perfect foods. It contains high levels of magnesium which many people are deficient in. It also boasts anti-inflammatory mechanisms, free radical scavenging antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.

As I mentioned in this recipe for Maca Cacao Pie, there is an important difference between cocoa and cacao. Many of us grew up familiar with cocoa powder (with two Os) which has been sold in traditional grocery stores for years. It’s a common cooking ingredient used in recipes such as chocolate cake and brownies.

A little more difficult to find (but far more nutritious) is cacao powder (with 2 As). All chocolate is made from cocoa beans, but the cacao powder is made from unroasted cocoa beans, which means it has more gut-friendly enzymes and nutrients than its roasted cousin cocoa.

By using “cacao” instead of “cocoa” in recipes you’ll feel good while your body is busy taking care of important cancer-fighting business.

This recipe also features chia, another super food known for its antioxidant abilities, essential fatty acids, and enzymes. When combined with liquid (in this case water or nut milk), the chia seeds expand into a gel, creating a pudding consistency that helps you feel full faster.

Both cacao and organic chia seeds are readily available in most health food stores, specialty grocery stores such as Whole Foods, and online. Find instructions on how to make your own almond milk here.


    • ½ cup chia seeds, soaked in a bowl with 2 cups filtered or spring water for 30 minutes
    • ½ cup raw cacao powder
    • ¼ cup cold pressed coconut oil liquefied at low ambient temperature
    • ¼ cup raw honey, coconut nectar* or Lakanto**
    • 1 small handful of kale with the thick center stem removed from the leaves
    • ¼ cup water or nut milk
  • ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon ground Ceylon or regular cinnamon
  • A pinch of cayenne pepper powder (or more to taste)
  • A generous pinch of quality salt such as Himalayan or sea salt


  1. Measure ½ cup chia seeds into a bowl, add 2 cups water and gently mix the seeds until moistened. Set aside for 30 minutes. The chia will form into a gelatinous mass.
  2. Meanwhile, rinse the kale and remove the thick center stems.
  3. Add all ingredients and spices into a food processor or blender.
  4. Blend on high speed, adding additional nut milk or water if necessary, until a smooth consistency is obtained (approximately 1-2 minutes on high speed).
  5. Pour pudding into bowls, garnish with cacao nibs and/or fresh fruit if desired and serve immediately or place in the refrigerator for an hour or more for a cold pudding.
  6. Enjoy!

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